Royaal Blue & Axanthic Blue

Royaal Blue & Axanthic Blue was established in 1999. We began trade with a mission of promoting French and Italian delicacies around the world. Our head offices are located in Paris, with a presence in the most cosmopolitan cities of Dubai, New York and Singapore.
Currently with a staff of over 270 people, Royaal Blue and Axanthic Blue has grown exponentially in the past decade. The business is currently divided into 3 business segments namely food trade, food production and investment in food-related startups.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be the world’s leaders in French and Italian delicacy luxurious items. Our goal is to satisfy the evolving needs of our clients by providing excellent service and supplying high-quality products. We will maintain close relations with customers and suppliers that we have worked with in the past and present, in order to keep on developing high quality and innovative products while ensuring high standard services.

Our mission is to promote our exquisite range of French and Italian confectionery, patisserie and bakery know-how around the world. Our premium portfolio of fruits, processed fruits, bakery items and specialities will guarantee that our customers are always be delighted.

Our Services

Food Trader

Royaal Blue and Axanthic Blue started trading back in 1999 in sugar, dry nuts and fresh fruits. Today the company not only trades in these products but has expanded its range to include a variety of flour types such as all purpose flour, cake flour, pizza flour, croissant flour & bran flour.

Also traded under the Axanthic Blue label is  powdered milk, sugar, dry fruits as well as seasonal fruits & vegetables which is sourced from all over Europe and North Africa. Royaal Blue & Axanthic Blue has always aimed to continually develop as an industry leading service that is highly valued by its customers and suppliers.

Food Producer

Royaal Blue & Axanthic Blue is the mother holding company of both Boulangeries de France and Caprice et Gourmandises which is the exclusive French and Italian delicacy boutique chain of the Royaal Group, with primary expertise in the Fruit Confits product line.


Royaal Blue & Axanthic Blue subsidiary Royaal Blue Investments takes the lead in spreading the French and Italian luxury food identity all over the world through food startup investments, including specific food items as well as distinctive artisanal delicacies.