Abatilles water means something special and lasting to the people of the Gironde region in France. It is the region’s premium water from the Arcachon Basin with its open spaces and fresh air and tastes of well-being, purity and good health.

La Bordelaise

Still or exquisitely sparkling Abatilles Water in a bordelaise glass bottle is a great favourite at restaurants and for special occasions. The shape of its bottle is reminiscent of the great Bordeaux wine bottle, “La bordelaise”. Soft and neutral, exquisitely sparkling if you wish, it enhances all the flavours of your dishes and wines. It is a favourite with wine connoisseurs and foodies.

Natural mineral water still or exquisitely sparkling in recyclable glass bottles 75-cl, 50-cl and 33-cl sizes
In PET bottles 1-litre and 50-cl sizes


Zero processing and continuous inspection

Abatilles water with its natural qualities and purity undergoes no treatment or processing of any kind before being bottled. Unlike spring water, mineral water must guarantee a consistent and stable mineral content. This guarantee of stability and purity implies running a whole range of physical, chemical and microbiological tests every two hours in our laboratories. Natural mineral water is one of the most tested products in the food industry.

Low Mineral Content

The depth of the Abatilles aquifer also enables the water in it to filter out any excess minerals through the many layers of sand that it flows through. Abatilles Mineral Water has 354 mg/l of dry residue (i.e. dissolved salts) and thus has a very low mineral content, making elimination from the body extremely easy. It is consequently an admirable detoxifying agent.

Zero Nitrates

Human activity has contributed to the development of nitrates in the ground, which are found today in many French mineral waters. Because of its protected environment and the sheer depth of the aquifer, Abatilles Mineral Water is one of the few French waters to boast a nitrate content of zero.