Luxury is the prominent feeling when experiencing French Hot Chocolate for the first time. It’s not thin and cocoa powder based, like most American hot chocolates. The Parisian variation, known as Chocolat Chaud, is most definitely a dense drinking chocolate. Try our hot chocolate range, whether you like it fruity or spicy, we guarantee you will just love it!

Hot Chocolate Flavours

  • Hot Chocolate Spices
  • Hot Chocolate Dry Fruits
  • Hot Chocolate Fresh Fruits
  • Hot Chocolate Surprises
  • Hot Chocolate Coffee


  • Packaging Retail: 76 gr
  • Expiry Date: 6 months
  • Sales Unit: 6 cups x 2.68 OZ (76g)
  • NET Weight: 16 OZ (1 LB) 454g
  • Storage Conditions: Keep in dry & cool area