Attiki and Fino Honey

Attiki Forest Honey

Our ATTIKI Classic Honey has been the favorite Greek honey across the world since 1928. With its familiar and awarded flavor, it is a combination of premium selected Greek honey varieties from wildflowers, herbs, forest and thyme collected from all over Greece.

Fino Forest Honey

FINO Greek Forest Honey stands out for its delicate and rich flavor. It is unique because it is a combination of premium selected honey varieties from the forests of Central Greece and Macedonia.

Available Packaging:

• Tin can 250g, 455g and 1000g
• Glass jar 250g and 500g
• Innovative PET container 270g and 470g
• Practical smart pack 100g
• Mini glass jars 30g
• Single Portions 20g and 30g
• Net of 5 single X 30g portions
• Honey sticks in 8g

Available Varieties:

• ATTIKI Classic
• ATTIKI Island Thyme
• ATTIKI Fir Tree
• FINO Forest