ROYAAL BLUE & AXANTHIC BLUE have developed a reputation for our commitment to our customer and we remain dedicated in producing the best selection of products.


We are a French food producer, importer & exporter and we are very passionate about food, especially French and Italian products. We love to promote the luxury of French and Italian food items around the world.


Our mission is to promote French and Italian delicacies ,confectionery, patisserie, and bakery know-how around the world through our portfolio of fruits, processed fruits, bakery items and specialties.

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Food Producer

Caprice Et Gourmandises is the exclusive French and Italian delicacy boutique chain of the Royaal Group. Boulangeries de France is the direct representation of the artisanal French and Italian bakery known around the world outside of France.


Royaal Blue and Axanthic Blue started trading in 1999 in sugar, dry nuts and fresh fruits. Today the company not only trades in these products but has expanded its range to include flour, sugar, dry fruit & milk powder.


Royaal Blue & Axanthic Blue promote the French and Italian luxury food identity all over the world by investing in food startups through its subsidiary Royaal Blue investments.

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Featured Products

Abatilles Water

French Still and sparkling mineral water

Attiki Honey

Organic Greek Honey

Chocolate Fondue

Belgian chocolate fondue in 8 flavors

Premium Spreads

French coulis and spreads for baking or toppings