Bakery Decorations

Transforming your baked goods into works of art, our toppings are designed to create an irresistible finishing touch. With easy to use decorations, Boulangeries De France has all you need to turn your baking into an experience

Chocolate Items

Intentionally designed and crafted with quality ingredients, our chocolate pieces heighten the look and taste of your baking while our sugars serve as the perfect finishing flavor on your pastry.

Sugar Paste

Sugar paste is also known as rolled fondant or ready to roll icing. Use it to cover cakes for a smooth finish after they have been coated. Boulangeries De France’s sugar paste is easy to use and gives a high quality finish.

Sugar Syrup

Drizzling, coating or dipping, glazes give baked goods the final touch they deserve. And with maximum yield, extended shelf life, translucent appearance and delicious flavor, Boulangeries De France’s line really shines.