We are a French food producer, food importer & exporter, passionate about food, French and Italian products specifically. We are devoted to promoting the luxury of these food items around the world through our extensive network channels.


ROYAAL BLUE & AXANTHIC BLUE sustains its reputation to being committed to its customers and dedicated to providing the best selection of luxury food products available, as well as reliable customer service.


Our mission is to promote the French, Greek, Italian & Belgian delicacies such as confectionery and bakery know-how around the world. Our premium portfolio of fruits, processed fruits, desserts, stuffed dates and delicacy specialities will guarantee that our customers are always satisfied and come back for more.

Abatilles Mineral Water

Abatilles Mineral Water is one of the few waters in France to boast a nitrate content of zero. The water filters out its excess minerals through the many layers of sand, limestone and clay until it finally emerges. It therefore features on the very short list of French waters with low mineral contents that are easy to eliminate from the body and have a detoxifying action.

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Food Producer

Caprice Et Gourmandises is the exclusive French and Italian delicacy boutique chain of the Royaal Blue Group. Boulangeries de France is the direct representation of the artisanal French and Italian bakery known around the world outside of France.


Royaal Blue and Axanthic Blue started to trade in 1999 in sugar, nuts and fresh fruits. Today the company has expanded its portfolio to include a range of flour types, seeds, dry fruit & milk powder.


Royaal Blue & Axanthic Blue are dedicated to promoting the French, Greek and Italian luxury, decadent food items all over the world by investing in food startups through its subsidiary Royaal Blue investments.

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Sturia Caviar

Sturia is the flagship brand of Sturgeon – the leading French caviar producer

Non Alcoholic Wine

Non Alcoholic Wine from Le Petit Beret

Georges Bruck

Exclusive French Fois Gras

Truffle Chips

Jimmy Tartufi Truffle Chips